Employee Spotlight: Kristen

Hi everyone!! Say hi to Kristen AKA “The Nose”


Job Title: Product Manager

Where would we be without Kristen? Her sense of smell is unrivaled (think bloodhound, but less furry). She can distinguish a fragrance blindfolded and hanging upside down. She is in charge of all things product. If you use it on your body, she's touched it. So basically, she's touched your body. That's a new spin on long distance relationship…


After we have our weekly planning meeting, she meets with each department and helps sketch out new and upcoming products they will be making. At FCS it truly takes a village - and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Make sure to follow her on Instagram, fcs_kristen where she posts (sometimes unauthorized!!) behind the scenes pics.

  • Likes:  Oklahoma thunderstorms, music, anything with lace on it.  When strangers ask me about my hair color. Tropical smoothie cafe.  Neon nail polish, the snooze button, referring to my cats as children.
  • Dislikes: Having to be patient, Warm beer, bad drivers, alarm clocks, bugs (especially spiders),  uncomfortable shoes, yellow mustard…EWWWW 
  • Favorite FCS scent:  SO HARD TO CHOOSE.  Tree of life, beach in a bottle, krispy cream. 
  • Fave FCS products:  Hydrate me, all the way, but the new solid sugar scrub is a close second. 

casting her vote on new fragrances

pantone books are an essential part of product planning - and keeping cool apparently! ;)
we like to tease her that she's one cat away from being the crazy cat lady - she's comfortable with that title.. 
 Hmmmm does this mean that there's eventually going to be a product named Motorboat?
We love you Kristen!!! <3 
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