My Secret Hot Wings Recipe

OK, I really can’t believe I’m putting this recipe in here. This is one of those recipes that I am known for. It was taught to me by my old neighbor. This is usually made for a party. This recipe is for the entire 10 lb bag. Adjust recipe for the amount you’re making. Depending on how many people your feeding depicts how much of the bag you’ll want to use. Providing u have other food, if this is for a party…. the rule of thumb is 1/2 pound per person. So this bag is good for 20 people. You’ll always have that picky person that will pick at 2 wings. You’ll also have that person that eats 20.. My 1/2 pound usually works well. Unless its for a football game type event, then I’d make 1 lb each person.

From the local wholesale warehouse….
1 10 pound bag of frozen chicken wings from your local wholesale warehouse (usually about $10- $12) I usually get the drumettes.
1 bottle franks red-hot sauce
1 large bottle soy sauce
about a gallon of oil (canola, peanut, vegetable)
big ol jar of blue cheese dressing
regular grocery store
montreal steak seasoning
Crystal hot sauce
2 beers or 2 sprites

The day before the event. Add the appropriate amount of frozen wings to a large bowl or pot. Fill containment device 1/2 full of soy sauce. Add fresh ground pepper. Add 1-2 beers or sprites to container. Fill rest of way with water until wings are covered. Leave on counter and let defrost. Once defrosted (about 4 hours) bake wings for 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven. They do not have to have brown crisp skin at this point. Put them in the fridge overnight.

The day of.. I prefer to use a turkey fryer. Put your oil into the fryer. Bring oil to 350 degrees. With a gallon of oil, I usually cook in 3-4 stages. I slowly put the wings in the oil with basket or skimmer, cook for 5-7 minutes and pull out. Put in a large pot with lid. Once all are cooked make sauce.

melt 1 stick of butter in sauce pan in medium heat.
add about tbsp of cornstarch for rue.
cook for a couple minutes.
add 1 bottle of crystal (crystal is the more spicy one, so if you want mild hot wings you can leave out)
add double amount franks
sprinkle 1-2 tbsp of montreal steak seasoning.

Sauce will thicken slightly. Once thickened, turn off heat, add about 10-15 wings at a time into the sauce pan. Stir them in sauce and remove and put in chaffing dish, or on big platter. They usually go pretty quick.

let me know what you think

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