Iced soy Latte

One of my favorite morning drinks is a “Iced Soy Latte”. I love the Starbucks version and will spring for it on a special occasion.

In my opinion, I have found a VERY close second that I make myself.

First you need a stovetop espresso percolator. I bought the larger (12 cup) version of this…

I bought mine at Marshalls for $20.00. If you don’t have a Marshalls, TGMax is another place where I have purchased a different one. I do recommend the stainless steel one. Its more durable, plus it doesn’t corrode like the aluminum one does.

I fill up the bottom with water, then fill up the filter with a “French Roast” coffee. I prefer French Roast to Espresso Roast personally. I use “Seattle’s Best” French Roast because it is the best for the price ($5.99 for 12 oz). For a special occasion, I get a 12oz bag of Dean and Deluca Espresso Roast ($15.00 for 12oz)

While the espresso is heating up, you fill a glass with ice (I use a large 16 oz glass). Once your coffee is done, I fill the glass up 3/4 of the way with espresso. Next, fill the rest of the way with Soy Milk (regular milk is normally used). Now I just put a couple tsp’s of turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw).

Now you need to put a straw in it and enjoy. Be aware that the turbinado sugar won’t mix in all the way, so when you drink.. you just lift the straw slightly off the bottom of the glass, and you will get a few sugar crystals with each drink.

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