How do I use a bath melt?

You guys have been asking me lately “How do I use a bath melt?” So, I thought I would do a little tutorial for you guys. Of course, I had to take a bath with one again, (shucks) so I could give you guys step by step instructions. I tell you, I have “had” to start taking baths almost every day, (don’t worry, showers on the off days :) just to keep up with all the new products and fragrances we are constantly testing. I know, I know, we need more lab rat volunteers!!
Anyway, here is how it went with the bath melt… First, I filled the bath all the way then I put in 1/4 of the melt, for me, a little goes a looooong way. It took a few minutes for it to melt completely in the warm water. I should also note that this bath melt will start to melt in your hand if you hold it long enough. It was just the right amount of oil and fragrance. Fast forward a half hour and all I did was stand up and rinse off (no soap). I didn’t need any lotion, and in the middle of winter, I need typically need lotion every day. My skin was soft and fragrant even later in the day! I hope this helps. Happy bathing :)

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