Green Sauce Recipe using Cottage Cheese...

There are a couple of things I usually do with cottage cheese. I make green sauce for whole wheat pasta, or Creamed spinach.

For the pasta…
I saute about a 1/2 pound of spinach and 1 onion in olive oil. Once the onions are cooked I add garlic and saute for a few secs. Then I add a handful of basil and about 8 oz or so of cottage cheese. Cook together.. add kosher salt/ black pepper and about 1/2 cup parmesan cheese. Bust out the hand blender and cream it in the pan. Add additional olive oil and then add enough water to get it to the consistency that I want. Serve it over…. and whole wheat pasta.

The creamed spinach… add 8-16 oz of cottage cheese 1 tbsp olive oil, and about 1 lb spinach.. .cook together add salt, pepper and 1 cup parmesan cheese. Blend with hand blender.. ( I like it better than old fashioned creamed spinach… way better for you too.)

Also, just to let you know. I just made a pizza using the creamed spinach as sauce. I put some mushrooms and mozzarella cheese on top. Then cooked it in the oven.

I always have a bunch of pizza dough on hand in my freezer. I usually buy it by the case from Sams club ($15.95 for like 25 dough balls I think). I can make about 25 large pizzas for like 2 bucks a piece. Way better than bought pizza. If you would to know how I do these, let me know, and I’ll blog about it.

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