...for the third time in 12 months. Yay? In true FCS fashion, the soap box just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Like, scary big. This new warehouse is three times as big as the one we're in now - here's hoping we get to stay here for a bit. :)

So, I had really hoped we could get moved into our new space before the fall launch that's just not going to happen. It's ok. Patience is a virtue , right?

It might lot look like much right now -- but to me I see breathing space and elbow room!! 

There's enough room for us to move all soap production to the new warehouse. Our tiny store is busting at the seams right now and moving the soap making to the warehouse will give us the space to set up two shipping stations at the store -- that's right, TWICE AS FAST TAT!! I for one am ready for that!

To the left is the cs office and full kitchen (what?!) and bathroom.
There's a second bathroom with a shower, talk about product testing at work! 

When you email our cs girls, you can picture them here chatting with you! ^^

Moving day is Sept 3rd - any local Fortune Freaks want to come help us "move for soap"? :D





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If you are actually serious about the help moving thing I’m in! I live like 15 minutes away!


That’s awesome!! So are you moving the whole store- ( where you sell the products) or just more room for making them?


I’d come help you move, if I didn’t have to work my real job to be able to buy stuff. And going over there is just a little far for an evening jaunt. Congrats on the bigger space and safe and happy moving! :)

Denice D.

That’s SO exciting! So happy for you guys and proud to be an avid Fortune Freak! :)


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