I'm sure most of you know that the majority of the country is buried under MAJOR snow right now. Here in Oklahoma, we have gotten record snowfall---with more to come!! For those of you that live in sunny California or Florida, I hate you. lol

If you want to see what we do when we can't make soap and fill orders watch this!!

We have been told that FEDEX and the Post Office will be back up and running on Monday Feb 7th. Here's hoping that's true, we have a TON of orders to ship out, we would like for them to be delivered by Valentine's Day! (PLEASE PLEASE)

Thanks for being patient guys, we love and appreciate your business!!! <3

I will update this post as needed :)

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Sorry for all the snow! We just got hit by major tornados which sucks. but make the best of it play fun family games like charades or board games. or my favoriter me and my brother would make a fort. so have fun! you guys rock!


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