How to use our Bath the shower!

I realize not everyone is a bath person, or has access to a bath tub, and in an effort to offer equal opportunity bathing here at FCS, I wanted to share with you guys how I use our bath melts.

Between running a busy soap company AND running after my three little kids, I don't always have the time to take a bath, but I still wanted the uber soft and hydrated skin I get from using a bath melt. 

So, I started using them in the shower, and wanted to share how I do it with you guys. Seriously, you guys are going to freak out at how soft your skin is when you use it this way, you won't even need to use lotion all day if you don't want to. 

Here's how to make your skin sing in the shower:

At the very end of your shower, right before you step out, take a whole melt, hold it under the warm water to soften it, then rub all over while you stand under the running water. Once you notice the water start to bead up on your skin, step out of the shower and lightly dry off. I get 3-4 showers out of each melt. 

Helpful tips:

Do not use soap afterward, you will wash off the oils. 

Don't cut melt into smaller pieces, It will be harder to hold onto, you want the full surface of the melt to rub on your skin.

Leave me a comment if you've tried it this way or if you need more a more detailed description.

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This is the best idea ever! I usually enjoy a bath over a shower BECAUSE of the products i can put IN the bath!.. now I can enjoy them in the shower too!


hey someone else uses them too! awesome – I make them especially for showers and call them shower melts : )


WOW! I would have never thought 2 use it like that! THX!


GENIOUS! I’ve been wanting to do something with my bath melt!


That is absolutely brilliant! We have a small tub in my house and it’s just not comfortable to take a bath in. I’ve wanted to try the bath melts for SO long and now I can enjoy them without the teeny tub!


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