Wanna be a star?

We are looking to add a review video for EACH and EVERY product to our website.

Since we are constantly adding new things, this is an on going project, there is no "due date". if you
have a project you really want to get the word out about (even if it already has a video - make yours better)  go for it!


If you are interested in getting thousands of views for your videos, this is a great opportunity for you!

Choose a product or products that you are passionate about, film a review and submit it for approval. 


This is a perfect example of a good product review.

This video is great and we've already included it on the Exfoliating Soap Saver Bath Accessory product page!


*You can submit as many videos as you like.

*Please keep each video around a minute long.

*The content of each video need to be about ONE product only. (So we can post it next to that particular product)

*Please submit videos as a comment to this post

We have final say in whose videos get featured for which products and the right to change it up over time. 

Have fun and good luck!!

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Here is my review of the Sugar Skull Bath Melt:



I wanna do this but i have no products to review :’( and i live in canada i dont know when the videos are due and when they will get here :(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(


Here is my Fortune Cookie Soap Review!


When are they due by?


My Shampoo Bar review! :)


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