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You didn't know it but you all were just entered into our Fortunefreak Facebook Giveaway and Juliana Kreatsoulas won a Diva Darling Gift Basket!
Since sharing is caring and all of you guys share so much on our Facebook page already, I want to share with you! 


Here's how it's going to work... The more people who "Like" us the more we get to give away.

From here on*, for every 50 fans we add, we'll announce a new winner from the total group of fans. That means EVERYONE that likes our Facebook page is automatically entered into a giveaway for a variety of sweet prizes. The more you share the more everyone has a chance to win something cool! For example we currently at 7400 likes, at 7450! every fan has a chance to win the giveaway :D

If we hit the next level twice a day, then we will have two winners that day, if it takes us a week to do that then we have one winner that week, and so on. We will randomly pick the winner from all of our likers and will announce the winner on our Facebook page, and contact them via Facebook to get their shipping address.

I've been blown away watching the community of Fortunefreaks growing and interacting with each other.
It's pretty cool how we all came together initially through our love for amaze-balls (haha I've been dying to use that word in a sentence) bath and body products and from that, lifetime friendships have been forged! (at least for me :)

*Until we change our minds, this is going to be an ongoing way that we are giving back to all our Fortunefreaks :)

HEY, and for all you twitter peoples, do yourself a favor and follow us...

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WOW! Such an amazing company run by such amazing people <3
We fortunefreaks sure are lucky~

Bney L.

:):):):):):):)):):):):):) <3 WONDERFUL IDEA!!! I’m on board all the way! <3 :):):):):):):)):):):):)

Anna Johnson

I love this. Completely freaking love this. As soon as my parents let me, I’m ordering online <3

Rose J

This is so awesome! I love you guys! You are the best soap company in the WHOLE WORLD! :D

Leslyn H.

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