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If you're wondering how to tag Fortune Cookie Soap on your status update by first “liking” us on facebook, and then putting an @ symbol before the page name- so @Fortune Cookie Soap. When you type the @ symbol and start typing our page name, a drop down will appear and you just click the name, then it will make it a tag! Your Facebook post should look something like this.... 

Make sure that you tag Fortune Cookie Soap’s Facebook, otherwise it won’t count (we need to be able to see it on our Facebook wall, and if you don’t tag us we won't see it!). You also need to post it as your Facebook status update, not on our Facebook wall, those entries won’t count as a "tag". Hope that all makes sense :)

For the "Make a Purchase" entry to be valid, your purchase must be made during this giveaway and you must email our customer service your order number, for verification, before this giveaway is over on 9/1/2011 



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I love cupcake! Smells sooooooo yummy and sweet!

cathleen dempsey

In the Loop is AMAZING. A friend of mine bought it and I was like huffing her arm because she smelled so good!!!!


I love chocolate moose, sloe gin fizz, and unicorn farts!


I love it!! My favorite scent is how bout them apples


my fav fragrance is cupcake! :)


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