Win a Body Wash & Body Mist in Unicorn Farts!

Win it before it's even available!! 

A little birdie might have told you that we are getting thisclose to launching gobs of new products for the Fall. We are so excited, we can hardly contain ourselves!! But first, we wanted to torture you all a little longer, so we figured we'd give you a little sneaky peeky. For those of you that like to gloat, if you win, this will give you the right to say nah nah nah nah nah to everyone else! 

Oh, and no need to worry your little head about paying for shipping, we will have it magically transported right to your door.

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im excited for all of it! fall is my favorite time of year and the smells are just they best!


I’m waiting for a nice herby scent to come out, and when I think of that, I really want something with Clove and Mint and Rosemary in it. Nice and earthy with a fresh minty twist to make it more bright I suppose. I love the idea of Unicorn Farts though, can’t wait to see who the lucky winners are! I really hope to get one of them! fingers crossed

Morgan Henson

I’m hoping for more pumpkin products :). Either way I’m excited to see the new fall products.

Taura Bryan

I really want to see hand santizers!

Allison G

Looking forward to anything apple scented

Thomas Davis

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