happy birthday to me (BIG giveaway!)

Today is my birthday!

I'm 29...

plus 8. (cough)

I woke up this morning to homemade cards and kisses!

My 5 year old daughter Chloe brought me this in bed this morning. Junk food, Coke Zero and beer. (she knows me so well!) 

Ok, I don't usually start out my day like this... well - never, but I thought it was so sweet of her! 

From Maddie.. (not sure what the "thank you" is for lol)

Let's celebrate with a giveaway!!

We are giving away 5 FCS Gift cards each worth $100!!!!

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If I won one of the $100 giftcards, I’d use it towards the 15 or so fortune cookie soaps I plan to get as gifts for my friends and with the remaining amount I’d get a few of the Whipped Cream body butters that I’ve been DYING to try lol. Oh by the way… Happy late birthday! lol


I would get gifts for my family!

Paul B.

HAPPY late BIRTHDAY! If I won, I would spend it on all of my friends Christmas presents. :D


Happy Birthday!! and I would love to win to buy some things for myself and my family.

Kim Wilson

The thank you was more than likey a Thank you for just being you, her mom. :-)


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