We're Hiring!

We are in need of 1, possibly 2 people to replace our awesome Hannah while she goes away to college.  This is a part-full time position that includes but not limited to.. soap and bath product making, shipping, and customer interaction. 

What type of people do we like?  quirky, funny, loyal, happy, honest, tactful, excited, team players, eccentric, givers, good movie cryers, hard workers, not afraid of challenges, but most of all...people that like who they are, and are proud to be themselves.

To apply, submit a video (email attachment or youtube), written email, or invent something awesome stating 

1    Who you are 

2    Why you want to work for Fortune Cookie Soap 

3.   What experience you have if any

4.   What does FortuneFreak mean to you

5.   Who you are as a person.. just tell us everything....

Thats it!  anything else is up to you.. have fun with it and be yourself!

email Justin@fortunecookiesoap.com your submissions.

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How old do you have to be for hiring? I attend Jenks high school and discovered your small shop with a few friends of mine. So I was curious as to what age you hire because it would be awesome to work there and then it’d be very easy for me to just walk to work after school. I hope you can reply to comments haha

Ashley C.

O man if I lived in your state I would so go for this job.who wouldn’t want to smell the vivid scent of unicorn farts and peppermints sticks all day and of course let’s not forget working you awesome fortune freaks <3
Good Luck you guys.I hope you find someone perfect for the job.


I’m so sad lol I’d move to oklahoma specifically for that job… Lol
If I weren’t in college myself :(


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