Fortune Cookie Soap Cross Country Toy Drive

I know what you're thinking..."What are these crazy FCS folks up to now?" 

We're coming to you!!!

Justin walked up to me a few weeks ago and told me he had a crazy idea and that I'd probably shoot it down.(!!!) He went on to say that he had this awesome idea to rent an RV, take the kids out of school for 10 days or so, and drive across the country collecting toys for Toys For Tots. So here we are! A family of 6 traveling across the country collecting toys for the Toys For Tots Foundation. Being a former Marine, the Toys for Tots Foundation is very near and dear to Justin's heart.

The Plan

1. We load up an RV and drive across the country collecting toys for the Toys For Tots Foundation, at pre-determined stops. (probably east coast-ish - not 100% sure yet)

2. You donate a new, unwrapped toy, worth $10 or more, and get a little surprise as a heartfelt thank you!

3. WE GET TO MEET YOU!!!! Being largely an internet based company, even though we feel like we know you and you're part of our FCS family, we've never actually met most of you! <3 That's about to change.  

4. Put toys into the hands of kids that might not have gotten anything for Christmas. What a neat thing for my own kids to be a part of. This makes my heart happy.

We have no idea what we're doing, but I'm ok with that. I'm sure you've noticed, we tend to be a little spontaneous around here. What better way to spend a holiday that focuses on family and being thankful for what what we have, than spending time together in an RV, helping others. (at least that's what I'm telling myself! ;) ) I'm looking forward to what we all learn from this. That and getting to meet so many of you.

On to the logistics...

  • Contact kids' schools and see if this is even possible
  • Find an RV big enough to hold 6 people and hopefully a bunch of toys!
  • Figure out where the heck we're going to go! 
  • Chart a course
  • Write press release (another new one for me!)
  • reach out to local media to promote the toy drive in their town (I'm terrified of coming back empty handed)
  • Set up the Track My Tour App (come say hi!)
  • start this blog
  • pack?

So here's what we have so far...we plan on rolling out of town on Thanksgiving Day and returning on December 6th.

more soon!





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What an awesome thing to do. I would love to donate and spread the word if you happen to be coming to the NJ area :)


We’d love to see you in Denver, although that isn’t east coast-ish! ??


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