WAIT! Spring? What Spring??

With snow flurries yesterday and a high of 36 degrees today, it sure doesn't feel like spring yet. 

What's new here in FCS land...

1. We had a BABY! Hard to believe it's already been 2 weeks!! Adorable...right?

 Soooo worth feeling like THIS 24/7!

2. Who needs flowers? The FCS 2013 Spring Line is officially in full bloom.

3. BEHOLD!! The Wizard Collection by FCS is coming next month. GAHHHH!! 

4. Bonus Spring Soap Boxes will be hitting the site in the next few days. We always make a few extra, so if you missed out on the last one - you'll be able to snag one soon! Keep an eye on our FB page for the announcement. 

5. Do you Insta? We sneak a lot of peeks here! Mini collections coming soon!

<3 Shannon 



April 12, 2013

Can’t wait for the wizard collection!!


March 26, 2013

OH MY GOSH, A wizard collection?!?!?!?! I AM BEYOND EXCITED….I will buy like…everything from that line!!!! woooooo!!! :)


March 26, 2013

Congrats Shannon such a beautiful baby,wow darling pic,bet you are sooo happy!!!!!Dayna T/allaboutlushful buy the way cute spring soaps so cute have to load up and blog them for you. The spring box was hilarious and so cute loved everything in it great job all.

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