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Matt Breitzke is really good friends with our next door neighbors. Matt and his family attend our church and also our annual Halloweenie roast (which if you don’t know is my annual family tradition that we give out Chili-cheese dogs, hot-chocolate, and iced tea on halloween in addition to candy). Matt and his wife are extremely nice and we enjoy their conversation whenever we visit with them.

We are joining our Neighbors and Church in voting for “Matt the Welder” on American Idol this week. He made it to the top 36 and now is now going to be battling vocally against 11 others with the same dream. help us in supporting our comrade by voting for him after he sings this week. We think that Matt is a great person and really deserves this for himself and family.

To show our support, we are offering a 20% discount for the entire time he is on the show. The code is… Idol (offer does not apply to wholesale orders)
Please pass this blog on to EVERYONE that you know to help us…

This was a forward from my next door neighbor that I wanted to share with you... This was before we knew he made it to the top 36.

Our good friend, Matt Breitzke from Bixby, made it to the final 50+ in ‘American Idol’ last night. He should be back on TV (FOX) tonight vying to be among the 36 finalists that will comprise the actual competition. He has been on the show several times already in the last few weeks. Matt is a fine singer and a really great young man. Cherie and I have listened to him sing from our sons (Billy) garage band days, at Billy’s wedding and on to Kansas City and now Hollywood. There were tens of thousands of applicants (more?) and he has made it all this way on his talent and the fact that he is ‘Matt the welder’ and a regular guy amongst a lot of very theatrical and talented people. If you are a fan of the show or not, we hope you will tune in tonight and cheer him on and stay with him through the final decision in the coming weeks AND VOTE FOR HIM, if he gets past tonight’s competition.

Bill Towner

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He was the best contestant this year and I’m very surprised he didn’t make it into the wildcard show. He’s definitely made a lot of fans, fans who would buy an album if he made one.


Loved the soaps! :)


we love Matt




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