OG Soap Box...the end of an era. Your questions answered!

OG Soap Box...the end of an era. Your questions answered!

You may have heard by now that the Winter soap box will be our last quarterly soap box. We started the Soap Box a little more than 5 years ago and have had a blast with it, but now that we have a monthly box as well, the time has come for us to focus on just one box and do it better than ever!! Plus, this will give us more time to do other fun things!

Why are we getting rid of the quarterly box?

In an effort to focus all our energy on providing the best possible box, we are merging the quarterly box concept into the FCS of the Month Box. For example, we’ll still have a seasonal box four times a year (spring, summer, fall, winter) but it will be part of the FCS of The Month Box. 

Are there still going to be Launch parties?

Good question! We haven’t quite figured what that looks like yet. We’ll more than likely do a combination of the VIP party and a launch party.

What’s going to happen to the big seasonal collections? (spring, summer, winter, fall) Those will continue, but the products will be tied to the Monthly Box products as opposed to the Quarterly boxes.

Can I still sign up for the last quarterly box?

Yes, the last day to sign up is Oct. 31st.

What if I only want the seasonal boxes?  

Good news! This box is totally customizable. Unlike our other system, you have complete control over your account, and which boxes you want. Once you sign up, you have the ability to pre-select which boxes you want for the entire year.  (For example, if you’re not a fan of pumpkins, you can skip the fall box, whereas you didn’t have that option before with the quarterly box)

Do I need to cancel my quarterly subscription?

No, we’ll take care of it on our end.

What does $28 (+shipping) get you?

$60 worth of products.  Each box will be a variety of full and deluxe sample size products. We have a lot more creative freedom with this box and are looking forward to doing lots of fun things with it this next year!

Does this box come with a discount code?  

It does not come with a discount code in it, however, with The Monthly Box, you will receive loyalty points that can be redeemed for discount codes.

If I don’t want a box, do I have to cancel?

Nope, you simply have to skip it when you log into your account.

If you want to try the FCS of The Month, make sure to use discount code FIRSTFCSBOX, and your first box will ship free. (in the US)
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