February 26, 2009

Do-Ahead Party Planning Check list

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Whether it's a birthday party or bridal shower, hosting an event can be a lot of work. What's more, it can leave you in a frantic rush if you wait until the last minute to handle certain details. By using this handy checklist, you can do many time-consuming tasks in advance, freeing you to handle only those time-sensitive details that must be done at the last minute.


Ask anyone who's planning a party what their requirements are for decorations and you'll almost always hear, "Beautiful and unique." Nobody wants to use decorating ideas that have been done to death. Give some thought now to how you'll decorate for your event, so you can place your order for any supplies you might need. Waiting until the last minute makes for hasty decisions and frantic shopping trips. Doing it ahead of time is so much easier.

Fortune cookie soaps come in more than 90 scented varieties that look and smell fabulous! And, it's easy to combine these soaps with a few other simple materials to create gorgeous decorations.

Decoration Ideas to Consider:Cost:Order By:
Fortune cookie soaps in silver baskets lined with white mesh.$______________
________________________________________________  $______  ________
________________________________________________  $______  ________
________________________________________________  $______  ________


Games that get guests physically involved are much more fun for everyone. Indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts, a personalized version of Pictionary and others can give all your attendees a chance to participate. Give some thought now to any games you might want to play, so you can arrange for props or other essentials beforehand.

Each customized fortune cookie soap includes a fortune tucked neatly inside. We can easily insert clues for a scavenger hunt, Pictionary or any other game.

Games to Consider::Materials Needed:
____________________    __________________________________________
____________________    __________________________________________
____________________    __________________________________________


The problem with traditional favors is that they can be wasteful. While crystal bottle stoppers and sterling silver mint tins are beautiful, do you really know anyone who actually uses them? What happens is these type items are taken home, stuffed in a drawer for a few months, then tossed in the trash. Start looking for items that guests will love and will actually use then go ahead and place your order. That will be yet one more thing you can mark off your to-do list.

Fortune cookie soaps are perfect for both men and women because they come in a wide array of scents from kryptonite and Colombian coffee to honeymoon in paradise and raspberry cream. You can also get custom scents.

Favors to Consider:Cost:Order By:
Custom fortune cookie soaps in the colors/scents I choose.$______________
________________________________________________  $______  ________
________________________________________________  $______  ________
________________________________________________  $______  ________


One last task you can do ahead is creating or ordering centerpieces. While centerpieces can be floral arrangements, they certainly don't have to be. Candles, fruit, rock gardens and so much more can create truly memorable arrangements.

Place fortune cookie soaps around the base of pillar candles, lay them atop a bed of glass beads or gems, create a tiered platter filled with a variety of hand-selected colors and scents, and more.

Centerpiece Ideas::Materials Needed:
____________________    __________________________________________
____________________    __________________________________________
____________________    __________________________________________

When you think ahead, you can mark several of the big items off your to-do list early, giving yourself more time for the other demands of your party or shower.

Need more ideas for using fortune cookie soaps at your event? Visit www.FortuneCookieSoap.com, email us at Ideas@FortuneCookieSoap.com or call us toll-free at (877) 298-3722. We'd be glad to help!



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