2018 ~ 12 Days Christmas Box Descriptions **SPOILERS**

PINK NIGHTMARE - This product is gonna stare sappily at you and you’ll be so glad it does. A pink nightmare or deranged Easter bunny...you decide!  You’ll be happy wearing this with toasty scents of creamy sandalwood, brightened with sweet spiced oranges and boysenberries.

THE HOLY GRAIL OF CHRISTMAS GIFTS  - Just as good as the Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle, this holy grail of Christmas Gifts will bestow upon you scents of sparkling champagne, velvet musk, almond crème, lavender, and pine. Just be careful...you don’t wanna shoot your eye out!

IT MUST BE ITALIAN!  - This product is a major award and a hammer and crowbar couldn’t come between you and scents of chilled citron, crimson plums and apples warmed by cashmere musk. You’ll want this to be prominently displayed in the front room window. It’s indescribably beautiful. It’ll remind you of the Fourth of July!

WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS - Be sure to play the game right so you can get EXACTLY what you want for Christmas...not just some ol’ tinker toys. And with these products, it’s like Santa...the big man...the head honcho...the connection himself will give you exactly what you want in a scent blend of figs with seasonal hints of nutmeg and allspice.

CRY BABY  - After being pelted by snowball sandwiches, being unable to put your arms down, or being under extreme duress, relax with scents of brown maple sugar, buttercream, and warm chestnuts. Be sure to grab a glass and drink your Ovaltine while you relax!

OH, FUUUDGE  - Other products may have a nice...piquant, after-dinner flavor.
Heady, but with just a touch of mellow smoothness. But this one - scents of glistening frosted cranberries, juniper, and cedarwood.

BUMPESES! - The scent of 745 hounds has descended upon a particular room in your house and erased the heavenly aromas of Christmas dinner. Rid the smell by spritzing a little holiday cheer with scents of lavender, vanilla, and peppermint.

TRIPLE DOG DARE YA - This exact exchange, the nuance of this product is very important. Because once you use it, there are no take backs. It’s the coup de grace of all products. The sinister TRIPLE DOG DARE with flavors of fizzy rootbeer floats.

SANTA CLAUS PROBABLY LEFT IT  - Oh! It’s beautiful! You’ll hardly be able to wait to try it out. But be careful when you do. These scents aren’t toys, with a combination of cranberry apple pie and sugar crystals!