2018 Halloween Box Descriptions


BEWARE OF THE THING OCD Hand Sanitizer - This...thing...is quite a handful but forever helpful with kooky scents of baked raspberry cobbler, caramel, and sugar crystals!


DARKNESS LOVES US Whipped Cream - Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc with scents of buttery toffee, white chocolate drizzled over caramelized apples and a touch of patchouli.


STAY CREEPY Fortune Cookie Soap - Mysterious and spooky banana taffy and cream scents make this Fortune Cookie Soap the best soap in the entire museum. It really is screa-um!


MON CHER CARA MIA Crypt Spray - To live without this crypt spray, why that would be torture and a day alone without the crypt spray would be death. Scents of sugared plums, exotic black rose, sage, and musk will keep your crypt smelling fresh til death!


WEDNESDAY Shampoo Bar - You severely underestimate our apathy. Allow black jasmine, sandalwood and chocolate scents to adorn your braids so you look like a homicidal maniac…(they look just like everyone else!)


COUSIN ITT Deep Conditioner - No need to grab a bowler hat and sunglasses to hide those untameable locks! Just grab this deep conditioner that will transform your hair from Cousin Itt with a rich hazelnut blend, lightly mingled with sour green apple, mulled fruit and a base note of pine!


ALTOGETHER OOKY Perfume Oil - Neat, sweet, and petite! So get a witch’s shawl on, a broomstick you can crawl on, we’re gonna pay a call on scents of pink strawberries, pomegranate sorbet and hollyberry!


OVER YOUR DEAD BODY Body Wash - You would die for this body wash...you would kill for this body wash! Either way, what bliss with decadent scents of watermelon jelly filled donuts.