2019 FCS of the month sneak peek


2019 January FCS of the Month sneak peek.

ALWAYS SPARKLE Enzyme Face Mask - Be your own kind of spectacular sparkle with the full size glitter enzyme face mask and EVERYONE loves things that sparkle - especially the subtle scents of sparkling pear champagne and slices of honeycrisp apples.

SHINE BRIGHT Sheer Shimmer Lip Balm - Let your luscious lips shine like your beautiful soul - this sheer shimmer lip balm is the perfect finisher to your makeup routine that adds some shimmer atop your fave shade of lipstick or for a more natural look by itself! Delicately flavored with a tropic prickly pear and coconut flavor medley.

DIM ALL THE LIGHTS Mini Headache Oil - For moments when the bright lights, loud sounds, and craziness of life is just a bit much. Instead of turning it down a notch, turn it down all the wayyy. Apply directly to pressure points and sore muscles to ease discomfort with a signature essential oil blend.

AFTERPARTY Walnut Body Scrub - This is your official invitation to the EXCLUSIVE VIP EVENT in your bath and shower! Once you’ve spent dancing the night away, scrub away the impurities with relaxing warm scents of golden amber, maple and tonka!

As I said, this will be the only box we sneak peek eveything, after this we'll go back to just the descriptions and theme. Thank you all SO MUCH for your feedback yesterday! We'll be doing a few throwbacks for the monthly box next year. More than likley they'll be one or two of the quarterly boxes since they have more products in them.

 Fairy Soap Mother