2019 Halloween Box scent descriptions

SPECIAL DIET (Santa Clarita Diet- Cater to your special diet with scents of soft jasmine, strawberry, sugared cantaloupe and banana all wrapped with a base note of human flesh. 

WE ARE THE WEIRDOS (The Craft)  - Welcome to the witching hour. Exorcise your rites and embrace the fact you are NOT normal with a product that smells like red apples and melon, a touch of lily with a base of dark amber and vanilla. The perfect scent combo to connect with the mystical forces.

RELAX…IT’S ONLY MAGIC (The Craft)   - Once you’ve spent a big chunk of your life being a monster, relax and realize that you aren’t. Cast a spell and relax, with scents of sweet tea, sumac, and clove. 

NOT TODAY, MADAM SATAN (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- This product shall restore to you your full witch abilities. So now, my dear, you have both power and freedom. And may you never give up either again with scents of gentle orange blossom, honey, earthy thyme and black magic incense.

ACADEMY OF THE UNSEEN ARTS (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - There is never a bad time to cast a spell and sometimes you’ll just wish you could cast a spell to cover up some rotten scent spirits that may be lingering in your home. Let the bewitching combination of saffron, tonka bean, ginger and white currant cast the foul scents aside. 

SOMETHING WICCA THIS WAY COMES (Charmed) - Kick evil dry skins ass everyday with a product that is totally a charmed one itself with scents of vanilla orchid, sandalwood and patchouli. Nothing is stronger than your bond with this hydrate me!

GINGERDEAD (The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell - We’ve put our own sinister twist on this product… creamy vanilla magically blended with a bit of clove, a touch of cinnamon, warm buttery caramel and nuts. But don’t tell anyone our secret. Because snitches get gutted and sacrificed to Anubis.

FALLIN1 (Lucifer)  - We’ve been concocting scents for a long time and we know how to make them so good - they're evil. Trust us, we're your guardian devil. It will not end well when you run out of the scents of spiced apples soaked in bourbon, lemongrass, and cashmere.

DARK PASSENGER (Dexter)  - When the uncontrollable urge to kill takes over, the only thing to do is take out the Driver with scents of sweet and creamy lucuma, maple, and mango. (halloween freebie scent!)

CAN YOU SPARE A BRAIN (iZombie)  - Procuring brains is kind of a massive undertaking so we did you a favor and provided one for you with scents of roots, spices, and of course, mysterious elements.

MY BRIDE MUST BE BEAUTIFUL (Penny Dreadful) - Like all beautiful things, this scent is poisonous to match it’s mate with scents of vanilla wedding cake, coral berry and lychee compote, topped with a dusting of raw sugar. 

DOPPELGANGER (The Vampire Diaries - Powerful, mystical, and naturally recurring, this product promotes younger looking skin, improves skin tone and texture but beware: the scent blend of golden amber, musk and sparkling citrus violates the natural law….so Nature found a balance with this product by creating mortal shadow selves.