One Sky, One Destiny Scent Descriptions (2019 Easter Box)

1. TRAVERSE TOWN  - This isn’t a dream, this refreshing product has sent your dry skin to another world and even though dry skin might fight back to steal the Keyblade, this product will keep you safe with scents of sweet banana cream, topped with graham crackers and strawberry vanilla ice cream.

2. THE HEARTLESS  - Devoid of emotion but packed full of scent, this will manifest in any home, leaving behind an enticingly wicked scent of blackberries, white delicate florals, with a base note of warm birchwood.

3. DESTINY ISLANDS  - Jump aboard your raft and embark on a journey with your Keyblade and this awesome product with magical scents of tropical sea breeze, iced pineapple and a base note of coconut milk.

4. UNLOCKED - Follow the gateway to the heart of the world of perfect hair with scents of decadent white chocolate covered raspberries and a touch of apple slices.

5. GUMMI SHIP - As you travel from world to world, don’t forget to use this awesome product with scents of sour candy rings, pink lemonade, and sugar crystals!

6. PRINCESS OF HEART  - With this product, you will be completely pure of Light in the Dive to the Heart and become one of the pieces that can open the Door to Darkness with scents of peach blossoms and berries, precious floral heart notes and a soft sugary amber base topped with a single rose.

7. HOLLOW BASTION  - This scent towers above all others and has been warped in appearance. Use the Rising Falls of steam in a hot shower and let the mystical scents of coconut water and black chamomile blended with tea leaves, and a fresh sprig of lavender transform your senses.

8. END OF THE WORLD  - From the chaotic destruction of the Heartless, this body polish comes from the gate to the final dimension of exfoliation with scents of cherry, lime zest, caramelized sugar and sweet honey.

9. SOURCE OF ALL HEARTS  - The Heart of All Worlds, much sought after, a source of great power and wisdom that should be treated lovingly with a delicate flavor of fresh picked sweet and tart raspberries - this is truly the source of all hearts.

10. LIGHT  - The force of goodness to parallel and fight against stresses of darkness, this product can be found even in the darkest places with bubbly scents of strawberry grape fizzy soda and a touch of thyme.

11. EASTER EGG  -  From hidden Mickeys, Chocobo drawings, and Yen Sid  - this is our little added bonus for you with scents of orange cream lollipops with a chewy bubblegum center!