2021 ~ A Year Without Santa Scent Descriptions

Southtown - Would you believe in Santa if we made it snow on Christmas? For now enjoy a pleasant blend of acai berries, coconut, tonka beans, sandalwood and warm musk! We don’t have long before Christmas comes and we are covered in snow!

Heat Miser - Whatever this product touches, starts to melt in it’s clutch! It’s too much! A feisty blend of mango, papaya and strawberries with a minty cup of peppermint tea. Some like it hot, but we like it REALLY hot!

Mother Nature - Ohhhh, yoohoo! Let a little grapefruit zest mix with succulent mango and soft sandalwood. All we have to do is compromise!

Blue Christmas - The only thing that can get us through this blue time, is Santa’s favorite thing! Festive mulled cider, cinnamon bark, cloves and the special ingredient... wild berries! You’ll have a BLUEEE CHRISTMASSS without this product!

Jingle & Jangle - Rally up some Christmas cheer! Fresh peppermint, paired with just a pinch of violet and white florals! Perfect for the spirit of the season!

Snow Miser - Whatever this product touches, turns to snow in its clutch! It’s too much! *Brrrrrrrrrrrrr* A cool blend of icy pomegranate and persimmon, mixed with black orchid, black violet and dark amber.