2021 MYSTERY MACHINE Scent Descriptions

SCOOBY SNACKWould you do it for a scooby snack?? What if it’s a big one? This scooby snack is a refreshing blend of salty sea air, the petals of jungle lily, night blooming jasmine with just a ta-ta-ta- tad of floral fruity accord.

JINKIES! We found a clue, gang! A surprising blend of juicy red grapefruit and sweet mango intertwined with mashed bananas, coconut milk, cucumber melon and bright oranges. Mellowed out with honeydew, mango and swirling with vanilla. 

LIKE, ZOINKS! Let’s be honest, it’s not as bizarre as chocolate covered hotdogs, but it is a trippy citrus blend with a zesty punch of tart kumquat, sweet Florida orange, juicy tropical pineapple and doobie-licious patchouli and soft musk. 

YOU MEDDLING KIDS - I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for this meddling  blend of  tropical passionfruit, twisted with pineapple and pink guava!

LET’S SPLIT UP, GANG! - Every time we split up, I’m always stuck with you! Which is a good thing because now you’re stuck with ripe blackberries and cassis, blended with bergamot and warm amber.

RUH-ROH! A roovy blend of juicy bubblegum, plump grape, and herbal anise are highlighted by violet, lilac, rose, and jasmine. RUH-ROH RAGGY!!!

MYSTERY MACHINE - Hop in Gang! Join us for an adventure filled with orange citrus swirled with creamy vanilla on top of a warm cake, almond, lemon, lime and sugar. 

JEEPERS!- Tired of being a damsel in distress? Try this mysterious blend of clumsy black plum, sweet berries, and red wine tied up with cranberries and mandarin orange. Gone are the days of being danger prone.

GROOVY- Running for your lives from monsters is hard work! Take a breather with some fresh pink watermelon and strawberry. Light some incense and chill with jasmine, rose, and vanilla, oh some amber and patchouli too! 

THE MUNCHIES - Like, woahhh Scoob, you know what sounds so good right now?? Like, a big donut! Covered in powdered sugar, with vanilla and strawberry jam filling man! 

WHERE ARE YOU?! - We got some work to do now! We know you will shake and shiver over this eerie blend of white-star jasmine, juicy berries, soft patchouli and sugary vanilla... that’s a fact!