2022 MINIONS ASSEMBLE Scent Descriptions

My Pet Unicorn -🎵 Unicorns I looove them! Uni Uni Unicorn! 🎵  A magical blend of sweet florals, swirling with peaches and light cashmere. I could pet one if they were really real… AND THEY ARE! 

Goodnight Gorls - Need a kiss for a good night's sleep? Fresh citrus, red cherries, juicy watermelon, and fresh honeydew should be just the thing! Goodnight, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Oh, and there is probably something in your closet. 

Bee-Doo Bee-Doo - Minionese: Domo vox, labada non a beedo! Sola a bopbop roc pak smells de sticky bubblegum, ripe bava yee lab oleyah bengo! Me want banana! Translation: Don't worry, it's not a fire! Just a product that smells of sticky bubblegum, ripe guava and sweet tropical mango! I'm hungry!

It’s So Fluffy, I’m Gonna DIE! - Are you ready to go to Super Silly Fun Land?! We are!! This blend of bright mandarin oranges, exciting pineapple and juicy watermelon will have you wanting to destroy all the games on the boardwalk for more fluffy prizes! 

Anti-Gravity Serum - We’ve been working on this for a while. This Anti-Gravity Serum smells of exotic dragon fruit, crisp pear, apple blossoms and creamy vanilla coconut. Do the effects wear off? So far…no.

Greatest Villain of All Time - No one will question your greatness after you pull off the biggest heist of the century! With rich coconut milk blended with passion flower, salt water breeze and fresh bamboo wood. We are going to…*pause for effect*.... 

(pstt, see next product)

Steal Da MOON! - This will be the TRUE scent of the century! Sugared agave, pine berries, ripe papaya, and super sweet dulce de leche. 

Curse You Tiny Toilet - BOO-YAH! This pretty impressive scent is full of white florals, herbal balsamic notes and refreshing citruses that will have you singing praises to your little tiny toilet…not curses. OH YEAHHH!

Change of Heart - And now you know you could never part with this cute little wax tart that changed your heart. A soft blend of ripe berries, silky vanilla, light citrus musk with hints of delightful florals. Perfect for one magical unicorn and three little kittens. 

Freeze Head - It’s hard being evil! You had a long day of stealing candy from children. You need a hot shower! This blend will clear your head of any negative thoughts, with soothing eucalyptus and fresh herbal tea.