Who are the people behind Fortune Cookie Soap?

We didn't choose the Soap Life...the Soap Life chose us.

Our passion for safe, unique, bath + body products started in a tiny California apartment 10+ years ago. 

One year we decided to make Christmas gifts for friends and family instead of buying them. So, we went to the local arts and craft store for supplies and inspiration, and chose to make soap. Little did we know that this would end up changing the direction of our lives forever! 

Long story short, our soaps were seen by the owner of a nationwide chain of bath and body stores. Literally, the next thing we knew, we were making soap for 75 stores nationwide. We made soap out of that little apartment for about a year before packing up and moving to Tulsa, Ok. Pretty sure we didn't get the deposit back on that apartment! Ooops! 

When we were house hunting in Tulsa, one of the main things we were looking for was a house with a "soap room". Ha! We drove our realtor nuts! Once we found the house - we worked out of it for about two years before moving everything into a warehouse. (whew! it was nice to have my house back!) At that time I think we had 3-4 employees. We continued to make private label soap for all their stores for quite a few years until the economy took a turn. As their stores started to close, we opened Fortune Cookie Soap online. It was a pretty rough transition. When our warehouse lease was up, we packed everything back up and moved back home into a room over the garage and set up shipping in the garage. We used this time to slowly build Fortune Cookie Soap and continued to work out of our house until we opened our retail store in July '12. Needless to say, it's been one heck of a ride. We have learned and grown and made lots of mistakes along the way... all I can say is, we are so very blessed to be able to do what we do. This is a full time gig for my husband and I and we are fortunate enough to have an amazing team that works hard and cares harder. Hard-core soap love. We so get it. 

And now? We create bath and body products inspired by pop culture and our hard core fans affectionately referred to as our beloved Fortune Freaks. Join the FCS Community and take a step into the underground and slightly addictive world of FCS.

This is our story...for us, we’re all in…it’s a Soap Life.


Justin & Shannon

Shannon AKA your Fairy Soap Mother
"This is the face of the woman who knows what the NEXT collection theme is..."

Shannon comes from a large family, she was 1 of 6 kids. She was home schooled until age 13 when she began college in Fullerton, CA. She quickly realized that college was not for her and decided to stop going, to begin the cut-throat, high stress, and big money lifestyle of waitressing. After 10 years, she started her own Mobile Notary Service specializing in notarizing Real Estate loan documents. After predicting the fall of the California housing empire years in advance; Shannon decided to sell her notary business and high-tail it to the land of opportunity, wealth and big business.... Oklahoma! (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, and the plainly dressed)

She now lives in Tulsa, Ok and is continually working to find the perfect balance between raising a 12yo, 10yo, 7yo, and 3yo, and run a growing soap manufacturing business. She passionately loves what she does and wouldn't have her life any other way!

Her favorite food is...anything Justin cooks! 
Her favorite movie is... Twilight! Don't judge:)
Her favorite song is.. "Not an addict" by K's choice
Favorite book types... mysteries, and marketing.
Farthest place visited outside the US... Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland on a trip with her three much older, (haha, now it's not so cool) awesome sisters. 

"He put the lotion in your order, or else he got the hose again."

Justin grew up in Oklahoma. His father was a artist/illustrator. Justin always liked to watch the drawing and painting that was going on in the house. Once taking primarily art classes in school, Justin decided that he was going to follow his father's footsteps. Plans got a little pushed back when Justin decided to join the Marine Corps. After getting out of the Marines, he got a job with Gateway computers with graphic arts in mind and began college art and computer classes. After a couple of years in college, something began to interfere with his college schedule.. you guess'd right, it was his love for surfing.

After 10 + years in different "professional" fields, he started searching for something that would provide that creative outlet that he wanted. He found soap by accident while making it for fun for Christmas gifts for friends and family. Soap to Justin is a cross between painting, sculpting and science. We think that he may have an ego problem, because he truly believes that he can translate any idea into a soap product. Justin loves working with custom orders and hearing the customers reactions to the soap that was made especially for them.

Justin's hobbies include brewing his own beer and playing foosball competitively.
His favorite food is... Depends on the time of year, but anything savory.
His favorite movie is... It's a toss up.. anything Indie or really intelligent, yeah right! it's either Dumb and Dumber or Zoolander
His favorite song is... Oh man, cant even come close to answering that. Justin lives with music on 24 hours a day
Favorite book type... Book? People read on purpose?
Farthest been outside the US... Stationed in S.E. Asia for 1 year total

"I am vengeance. I am the night. I am...your FCS social media coordinator."

Rachel is the Social Media Coordinator at FCS and handles all of the social media channels like FB, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, & Twitter. She also writes all the product descriptions and creates e-mails you get in your inbox. Rachel is also known for being a big time 'nerd'. She loves comic books, cosplay, and her favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back. She's also always jamming out to Coldplay & DMB.
"If my hair matches your soap, then I get to keep it."
Bethany is the Logistics Coordinator here at Fortune Cookie Soap. That's a fancy way of saying she oversees shipping, labeling, printing and quality control and makes sure that everything ships out without error! She also oversees the labels to make sure they look super awesome. She loves her dachshund, Flynn, and her favorite movie is Garden State and on the weekends she is one of the most talented photographers on the planet. Follow her on instagram... @bb.portraiture
"It’s always the quiet ones."

Darrah handles all of quality control, meaning she makes sure that your FCS products are pristine, perfect, and up to the gold standard when we ship it! She loves film noir and has a dark sense of humor.  She stays forever young here at FCS! 
"Tried a new shampoo today... left a few strands of hair in your order for you to smell."

Erin works in production at FCS and specializes in bottling! Erin has a heart of gold and is a big time animal lover (specifically dogs - if you are reading this, then get Erin a dog and send it to her, thanks). Her favorite band is The 1975. 

"I w
ant to rock and roll all night and party every day."

Misty works to make ALL the seasonal Soap Box with Addison!  So all those amazing little packagings? Yeah, she does that. Going to a Red Rocks concert to see Tool or Godsmack is on her bucket list and her favorite movie is 8 Seconds. 

"Can smile over the phone."

Becca is the Customer Service Manager at FCS and she deals with all customer service issues ranging from the good, to the bad, to the ugly! Oh, and a little bit of website maintenance on the side. She loves reading and traveling and the fact her British accent throws people off when she answers the phone! Her favorite band is Brand New.