Be Careful What You Wish For 2022 Halloween Box Scent Descriptions

Magic Mud - “We love mud here! Mud facials, mud baths, mud pies…” Water witching in the gloomy rain can be tricky. A fragrance reminiscent of a perfect spring day; sweet fresh rain, perfect green grass, and an enchanting bouquet of peonies, tulips and hydrangea petals will have you feeling better in no time. 

See Things Our Way - “We aren’t worried at all, darling.” Close your tired eyes and try to wake up in the real world with chilled red wine, drenched black grapes, orange, black plums, berries and only the memory of jumping mice.

The Other World - Open the little door and crawl your way through a bewitching blend of sweet caramel, drizzled on perfectly ripe juicy pear slices, the smell of vanilla maple fills the air, the only thing better is a perfect cherry on top. It’s almost too good to be true!

Mango Milkshake - Any requests? Mango Milkshake? The sweetest blend of mango, fresh raspberries and lemon curd swirl around sticky sweet citrus and juicy fruits. Anything you want, you will receive. 

Seeing Stone - They’re good for bad things and they’re good for lost things. When you are in terrible danger, rely on this blend of other-worldly pomegranate, juicy blackberries, red currant and exotic musk to help you find the lost souls and get back home. 

Swear On My Right Hand - She knows you like the back of her hand… This shapeshifting blend of blueberries, pear and juniper berries intertwine with other dimensional woods and white musk, while warm vanilla and sweet bourbon makes it especially evil. You know that she loves you…

Treasures & Treats - She lured us away with treasures and treats…but we still wanted more. A sticky sweet blend of orange zest, strawberry, apricot, coconut and green apple. Don’t let the Other Mother lock you away and eat up your life.

Cute As a Button - Black is traditional, but if you prefer pink or vermillion or chartreuse… you might make me jealous. Explore this fun and never boring fruity blend of mandarin orange and strawberries with vanilla rum and gardenia finished with a base of warm sandalwood. Oh! But we need a yes if you want to stay here!

Mooshkas - Welcome to Mr B’s Jumping Mice Circus! The smell of fresh spun cotton candy, fluffy whipped cream, dancing sugar cane, ripe strawberries, fresh baked vanilla pound cake drizzled with sweet vanilla bourbon. The show is about to start!

Welcome Home! - We’ve been waiting for you…You walk into the other kitchen to the scent of fresh apple slices, ripe peaches sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, spiced clove, fresh tonka beans and a whisper of perfect lilacs from the garden outside. Don’t you feel at home?

Twitchy Witchy Girl - Ohh, my twitchy witchy girl. I think you are so nice. I give you bowls of porridge and I give you bowls of ice… cream! A peculiarly sweet and fruity floral fragrance with the rich scent of plum, mixed with spices and the floral blend of vanilla orchid and jasmine.