How to buy soap with Bitcoin

Don't have any Bitcoins?

Not problem, you can get Free Bitcoins or Buy Bitcoins (get $105 worth of bitcoin when you buy $100).

Already have Bitcoin?

Sweet! Now you can get your fortunefreak on!

Choose the items you want to purchase

Then click the blue "checkout" button

fill in your billing & shipping information

Nothing new here, just the usual info.

Now it gets interesting payment type: bitcoin!

Here choose payment type bitcoin, and click the grey "complete my purchase" button.

You will be forwarded to our partner BitPay

They will create an invoice for your order

You'll have 15 minutes to send bitcoin to the address provided for your order.

You can send the bitcoin from any wallet you own, there are several options to help:

  • You can scan the QR Code with your phone if you have a wallet app there.
  • You can click the "Pay with Bitcoin" button (details on this option below).
  • You can manually copy and paste the address to send the bitcoins to.

How the "Pay with Bitcoin" button works

This is a nice option if you have wallet software on your computer. I'll show an example using the official bitcoin wallet software Bitcoin-Qt. When you click the Pay with Bitcoin link it will open a new window with an address that starts with bitcoin:

This strange looking address works the same way as the "View in iTunes" button works on the Apple app store. To save you time and typing it's able to open the iTunes program and load up the item you're interested in. The bitcoin: address is able to do the same thing, in this case it can open Bitcoin-Qt and fill out all the information so all you need to do is click send!

After sending bitcion you can check the invoice page

The BitPay invoice automatically updates to show when your bitcoin payment has gone through, but you can always click the little refresh arrows on the top-left to have it check right away.

High Five! You just bought soap with bitcoin!

Clicking the blue "Continue" button will take you back to good old fortune cookie soap and show you the normal order confirmation page with your FSC order number.

If this was "clear as mud" take heart, you are a pioneer in a new frontier, it will get easier as you get used to how bitcoin works. I'm also thinking of putting together a screencast so you can see the whole process from start to finish.