Letters To Santa ~ 12 & 6 Days of Christmas Scent Descriptions

December 14th -  It’s not a letter if it doesn’t have postage! Refreshing citrus and crisp bergamot intertwine with sweet passionfruit, delicate jasmine and lotus petals, warm musk and golden amber… Can’t forget the penny!

December 15th - Nice fella, loves visitors. The smell of warm mcintosh apples, delicate rose petals and creamy vanilla drifts through this rustic cabin, while whispers of cinnamon sugar and rich honey sit upon shelves full of toys. While he may seem rough around the edges, this scent will bring joy to all who smell it.

December 16th - Only good kids get toys. Refreshing mint intermingles with sweet vanilla.Trust me, this is the only naughty list you want to be on ;)

December 17th - Always sparks another. Fresh, crisp notes of peppermint and eucalyptus peacefully blend with scents of sweet cotton candy, caramel and raspberry jam. 

December 18th - Give it a go! You weaseled out and rang the bell! Tart cranberries, juicy apples blend together with orange peel, freshly made cinnamon sugared donuts, topped with warm southern pecans smothered in rich maple syrup. Let the pitchforks, knives and sharp carrot sticks fly! 

December 19th - Urgent delivery! A holiday treat of roasted chestnuts, caramel, rich butter, brown sugar and vanilla. Proceed to stamp the letter … and a kiss goodnight.

December 20th - We can make the holiday even more magical! This sparkling fresh and joyous mixture of sweet orange, winter pear and a hint of rosemary will surely make all your holiday wishes come true. Think of the joy. Think of the happiness!

December 21st - Do you know what this is?! A mixture of juicy plums and whipped caramel cream blend effortlessly with artisan bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossoms. Just a little something to remember the centuries of glorious hatred, passed down through generations.

December 22nd - He sees everything, ya know? Every dirty deed…Serves you right! A friendly, warm blend of rich red mahogany woods, delicious apple, pink peppercorn and fresh lavender sprigs. Who’s a loser now, you little brat? 

December 23rd - Make sure your reins are attached to the magical reindeer before you make things complicated…Exotic apricots and fresh verbena, are followed by soothing orchid petals, pink amber, and white woods. 

December 24th - It’s time to join forces against a common enemy. Silky almond milk blends smoothly with tangerine slices, creamy coconut, and heartwarming chai. .Join together in peace to stop this… peace? We’re on the warpath together!

December 25th - There's magic in the air… Let the fresh pear and apple swirl around you with cinnamon blossoms, rich plums and soothing sandalwood swaying in the breeze. 

“Can’t touch it, see it, but you can always feel it. The greatest things that you’ll ever know are invisible.”