LIFE IN PLASTIC 2024 Easter Box Scent Descriptions

PINK! - Pink goes with everything, right? This playful blend of juicy strawberries, hard candy and frosted rose will make you feel beautiful from head to toe! Pink looks good on you! ;) 

Beach You Off - Let’s beach off right now! Not to brag, but this tanned, buff blend of sweet pineapple, coconut, mimosa flower, with just kenough of soft woods and musk will beach off any other scent you can think of. No need to get emotional! No beach is too much beach for you.

Dreamhouse - Wanna come over later? We don’t have anything big planned, just a giant blow-out party that smells of swaying palm trees, white flowers and notes of mint and zesty lemon. It’s perfectly perfect!

Do You Ever Think About Dying? - *crickets chirping* I mean, I’m dying to dance! This scent will surely lure you out of irrepressible thoughts of death with rich, decadent brown sugar and vanilla, blended with creamy coconut milk and white musk. We’re definitely not thinking about death anymore! Yay!

Every Night is Girls’ Night - This mouth-watering blend of juicy watermelon and lick-your-lips sugar crystals will have you ready for any girls’ night out, which happens to be every night! Forever & always! <3

The Weird One - Don’t worry, this blend doesn’t smell like basement and it’s not always in the splits. This funky and colorful blend of tutti frutti fun is full of strawberry, raspberry, apple and sugared lemon candy! It’s cool if you play too hard, it just makes you weird and that’s cool.

You’re So Beautiful - We want you to always feel beautiful. This heavenly blend of honeydew milk tea is so refreshing, with creamy and milky undertones. The subtle hint of honey boba provides a touch of sweetness. Now you can look at anyone and tell them you know how beautiful you are. <3

Get in the Box! - We know it’s been a long time, but it’s time to get back in the box..err uh, bath! A lovely mixture of blush apricot, chamomile, vanilla sugar and sweet berries. Make sure your hair is perfect and jump right in!

Don’t Call Me Baby. - What about mini baby? It’s time to lay down the law and stake your claim to Barbieland with this tropical blend of passionfruit, mandarin, plumeria petals, soft woods and musk. Don’t question it, just roll with it, tiny baby.

I Am Enough - Be great at doing stuff with this delicious blend of crushed dragonfruit, summer berries and sweet iced tea. You don’t need the warmth of anyone's gaze to make you feel important. You’re just you, and that’s enough.

She’s Everything - “Because Barbie can be anything, women can be anything.” This flattering blend of salty air, bergamot, coconut milk and turquoise waters combines with white amber, jasmine and soft santal musk to make you feel absolutely beautiful and iconic. Embrace your power and be authentically YOU!