🌈 RAINBOW LAND ~ 2020 EASTER BOX Scent Descriptions

  1. MAGIC BRITE  - Her mission is to make your bath brighter and your heart lighter with brite citrus swirled with creamy vanilla and a scrumptious cake accord topped with sweet pineapple, lemon and orange zest. 
  2. STAR SPRINKLES - Brightening and coloring your world with a magical blend of juicy pear, boysenberry, ripe raspberry, and bubblegum, rolled in toasted coconut
  3. SUNRISE - Only seen at daybreak with an early morning glow of golden apricot and pink peonies that captures the romance of early days that linger into cool mountain evenings. An exotic scent that opens with notes of apricot and verbena, trailing into a hushed orchid with pink amber and silent woods. 
  4. STARLITE - The most magnificent hand sanitizer in all the world! A rainbow of dragonfruit and casaba melon, colored with crisp pear and apple blossom.
  5. GREEN GRANGE - A mischievous blend of peonies, fresh green, tulip, hydrangea and fresh ozonic spring air drenched in spring rain. Smells light, fresh, airy and herbaceous.
  6. THE BLUE ZONE - Bringing peace and order to all with this zenned out ocean blend with notes of daylily, sea spray, and watery florals, exotic spice and beautiful jasmine. 
  7. INDIGO ACRES - Make a grand entrance with the dramatic freshness of acai and smashed blueberries.
  8. VIOLET VALLEY - Extremely shy violet petals, with delicious fruity notes of pineapple nectar, passionfruit and nectarine blend effortlessly with pink hibiscus and delicate plum blossoms.
  9. THE SPRITES - Mine your magic crystals and turn them into star sprinkles to brighten and color your throne with this adventurous blend of passionfruit, sugary guava, mandarin balm, and mango pulp. What sprite are you?
  10. MOONGLOW - Paint your night sky beautiful with a galaxy of cactus blossoms, lilies, and creamy coconut. Sprinkles with meteor showers of golden amber and twinkling sandalwood.
  11. MURKEY & LURKY - Avoid the dismal pits of gloomy hair with this earthy and rich, fragrance that captures notes of sun baked terra cotta, wind swept tumbleweed, cedar wood and patchouli. 
  12. MR. GLITTERS - Large and in charge with sun-kissed strawberries and a dollop of freshly whipped cream.