What Scent Are You?

Scent preferences are much like personalities, they vary from person to person! We wear specific scents for our own enjoyment and, let's face it, we hope it's enticing to others as well. Do you know what your scent preference is? Here's a brief description of our scent types!!

FOODIE - Oh, the good ol' foodie scents. Do you prefer scents that remind you of something tasty? Whether it be caramel apples, fresh baked cookies, or anything that is associated with food, then these scents are for you!

CITRUS - If lemon-lime, oranges or other citrus fruits are the scents you like, then citrus is for you! Typically blended with a sugary or herbal scent to balance out the tart, citrus scents are very unique, just like you!

CLEAN - Clean scents are a bit harder to describe. They are a variety of fresh scents like clean cotton, fresh tea leaves, lavender, etc. You'll find quite a lot of variety in our clean scent options!

FLORAL - Whether it be sweet pea, rose, geranium, or violets...florals naturally make alluring scents! For those who want to smell as lovely as a princess!

SWEET - Sweet scents are very bright and playful. These are easy to describe. Candy, candy, and more candy!...sometimes mixed with a little fruit, sometimes mixed with pink sugar, these scents are for anyone with a bubbly personality!

EARTHY - For those with a scent preference connected to nature, Earthy scents remind us of anything from Mother Earth! These scents tend to be herbal, blended with some floral, and sometimes blended with a sweetness. These are for the down-to-earth types!

FRUITY - Imagine all the fruits - plum, strawberry, raspberries, mango, and MORE! Fruity scents can range from tart fruit to sweet fruit, combined with some herbal and some combined with floral! But if you like fruit, then these scents are for you.

UNISEX - These scents are good for all genders and some may even be unscented! Unisex smells can be used by men and women without being overbearing to one or the other.

MINTY - These scents have a bite, a cooling bite! Minty scents can be in products that contain menthol or peppermint/spearmint essential oils. 

SPICY - Spicy scents tend to have a cinnamon or pepper notes to them. They are for those whose scent preference is a lil cheeky!