WHO WANTS TO ROT NEXT? Halloween 2023 Scent Descriptions

There’s Something Down There - Something just doesn’t.. seem right. The smell of rich Madagascar vanilla and cedarwood rise from the depths of dark musk, with rotting oranges, lemon and spiced cloves. 

Never Truly Dead - “These enduring creatures may lie dormant, but are never truly dead.” Wake up from your death-like slumber with invigorating sweet orange and bergamot, blended together with soothing grapefruit, lemon zest, tangerine and creamy vanilla.

One By One (We Will Take You) - Why have you disturbed our sleep? Awakened us from our ancient slumber? Vanilla takes over your mortal shell, the smell of amber is the last thing you remember before you lose consciousness. YOU WILL DIE. Like the others before you. *ROAR*

Join Us! - Why don’t you just accept your fate? Just give into the smell of delicious mango, juicy nectarine, blood orange, blended perfectly with tangy raspberry, ripe goji berries, star apple, bright satsuma, soft touches of water lily and lotus. You won’t last long anyway.

Dead By Dawn - “Everybody here dies by dawn, Beth.” Sweet vanilla musk wrapped with ripe fig, bergamot, fresh peach, candied rum and dark amber.

Boom Stick - A choice weapon to defeat any deadite you may come in contact with.
A devilishly spicy creation of cinnamon, grated nutmeg, cardamom and black peppercorn blended with pureed pumpkin, mahogany woods, whipped cream and vanilla bean.

Cabin in the Woods - You don’t want to go in there… but you’ll have to if you want to survive the night. Dark woods and sensual amber are blended with soft mimosa, vanilla musk, apricot nectar and juicy berry.

Who’s Laughing Now?! - The dark ones have taken control. Outsmart them by cutting off your hand…I mean, don’t cut off your hand! Just use this instead! The sweetness of mandarin oranges, papaya and pineapple flower are sweetened with rich honeycomb, red beets. sweet musk and vanilla sugar.

Creepy Crawlies - When you gotta kill all those creepy crawlies, use the power of inviting apple and pear notes intertwined with minty patchouli and sweet magnolia blooms, while moss and warm musk enhance this creepy blend.

Gimme Some Sugar, Baby - Someone should slap some sense into you. A sensual blend of heady cognac and groovy sweet apricots.

Come Get Some - I’ll swallow your soul! Warm spices take over your body with fresh cedarwood, vanilla tonka, jasmine petals, smooth sandalwood, amber musk and sweet cocoa butter. Remember. Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart.