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Bubble Blunders 1.5 lbs Mystery Bag

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Do you like FCS products and don't care about what they look like? Well, you are in luck my friend. Every so often we make an OOPS! Batch. We don't like to point fingers or say names but it's always the Noobie. Don't feel bad for us... we take it out of their paycheck, and give them a good old fashioned Marine Corps hazing. (it takes Justin back to his glory days!)
So what do we do with all these perfectly usable, but ugly products?..... hmmm I'll tell you what we do! We sell it sooper, dooper, crazy cheap! We guarantee that you will get at least 1.5 lbs of product.
It's going to look ugly, the fragrance probably won't match the color. Nothing will have labels, you will have to do your homework to find out just what you got in your bag. It may have a fortune in it from someone's else's custom order, graduation or college frat party.. saying something like I got smashed during Rush 2012! It may be 4 fortune cookies, some bath salts, and 2 melts, but I really doubt it, there's no guarantee on any specific products. You'll get a mix of messups and leftovers with the guaranteed weight of a hefty 1.5 lbs! They'll arrive in a zip-top bag that is guaranteed to have been used less than 4 times for lunches and such....we may or may not be kidding about that.
Because of their limited quantity, if you are lucky enough to see one in stock you might just want to snatch it up quick! (We are THAT good!) *ONE PER PERSON, PER HOUSEHOLD. NO DISCOUNT CODES

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