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ENTIRE CLUE Collection

ENTIRE CLUE Collection

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I BUTTLE Laundry Detergent - Let a mere, humble laundry detergent do what it does best and tidy up your laundry (which may or may not be stained with evidence of murder…) with scents of fresh sundried cotton, soft musk, and rainsoaked florals. 

“WHAT’S THAT SMELL” Toilet Spray - No need to sniff the air anytime your butler comes in the room, we already know what caused THAT smell... so cover it up like you would a murder with fragrances of sweet caramel-dipped green apples and a graham cracker coating. 

OUI, OUI MADAME Perfume Oil - A seductive, entrancing, and stacked blend of sexy fragrances that will have any gentleman in the mansion longing after you with scents of sugared blackberries, warm amber, and a touch of cassis. WARNING: This scent may cause someone to despise you which may lead to your untimely death with a rope, in the billiard room.

BLACKMAILED Charcoal Body Wash - The dastardly Mr.Boddy knows all your guilty secrets and he is out to blackmail you...What do you do? Do you deny everything or openly admit your wrongs so he has nothing to hold over your head? Wash all those threats away with a twisted and dangerous scent blend of sweet coconut milk, lime and banana and a touch of cilantro. 

I CHOOSE TO EXPOSE MYSELF Shower Steamer - Don’t let Mr. Green expose you, do it yourself with this shower steamer and a blend of creamy vanilla, a touch of sage, and a base note of warm teakwood. 

OVER MY DEAD BODY, SIR Bar Soap - Under no circumstances must you open the door to this bar soap where a secret scent blend of dark berry sangria, cashmere, lemongrass, and a subtle note of patchouli hides ulterior motives. 

IT’S ALL TOO SHOCKING! Fine Fragrance Mist - Or is it? Just have a good time with this scent blend that isn’t all what it appears to be with scents of pink jasmine, honeydew melon, and citrus nectar. It’ll have all who smell it sent home in a long black car.

COFFEE & BRANDY Coffee Body Polish - Adjourn to the study for a few sweet scents of creamy buttery toffee, a dash of strong espresso, and a splash of rum and brandy! 

NO, MEANING YES Aloe Me Whipped Cream - When all you want is a straight answer, reach for this Aloe Me Whipped Cream. Is it a whipped cream with aloe or aloe with whipped cream? Certainly. Scents of white peach tea, lime, warm accents, and a clean base note of musk will leave your senses delightfully perplexed. 

SINGING TELEGRAM Lip Tint - Beware, this lip tint won’t last very long as soon as you open the door with a decadent rich red velvet flavor! 

LIFE WOULD BE A DREAM, SWEETHEART Pillow Spray - Life could be a dream if this pillow spray could take you up in paradise up above. You’ll tell it that it’s the only one that you love with scents of relaxing lavender, sweet strawberry marmalade, and a touch of tonka. (dee-oody-ooh, sh-boom, sh-boom!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Loved this whole collection! The scents were wonderful, and the theming was perfect for my favorite comedy.

Great theme lovely smells

Liked this collection smells were very similar and went well together loved the body scrub yum!!


ENTIRE CLUE Collection

Christina Cody

Great theme, terrific scents!

It’s All Fun and Games

I loved this collection! Although I admit not every item was a hit for me personally, I really like most of the items. I love the theme and got a chuckle from placing their names in the movie. Clever!

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