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FLYING MONKEYS Fine Fragrance Mist

FLYING MONKEYS Fine Fragrance Mist

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Mischief's in the air! A fruity, breezy blend of peach, watermelon, neroli, and jasmine with air and aquatic notes. But the real star of this fragrance? Fresh, ripe bananas! 

Whether you lavishly splash or lightly spritz, you'll fall in love at first mist. Our new carefully formulated body mist delivers great coverage while conditioning glycerin nourishes skin for the lightest, most refreshing way to fragrance!

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40, deionized water, fragrance, butylene glycol, glycerin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smells so good!

Love the Flying Monkeys scent! I just wish the fragrance mists would last longer.


Love the new fragrance sprays - much easier to apply than the oils. I agree that the scent does fade quickly through the day, but that is true of most body sprays I have tried from large brands - so I’m ok with it.
The scent is one of my favorites - a very neutral fruity/floral clean scent that is not too sweet but also not too floral.

It’s okay

I love the fine mist, but the fragrance isn’t top of my list. I’ve been using it as room spray.

Olivia Rodriguez
Amazing fragrance

I am obsessed with flying monkeys, it smells like snuggle with slight hints of watermelon and banana, such a clean and soft fragrance with a hint of sweetness, I just wish it had a better staying power, I have to really spritz it on several times throughout the day, but it’s so beautiful I don’t mind :-)

Love the smell

The smell is fantastic, I just wish it lasted a little longer. I have to keep applying this throughout the day. When I first put it on it is a little sticky but that goes away after it sinks into your skin.

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