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UNICORN SHARTS It's A Doodie! Toilet Spray

UNICORN SHARTS It's A Doodie! Toilet Spray

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When Unicorn Farts escalates to the extreme…
Seriously, just picture a Unicorn that just can’t hold it anymore. And he thinks he’s just gotta fart….but nope. It’s worse. So much worse. Scented with a blend of two signature scents in the FCS stock: PJP + Unicorn Farts. What could be a better way to cover up that nasty shart?

WHAT IT DOES: Doodie Spray forms a scent layer on top of the water that traps any unwanted smells from escaping.

TO USE: Shake bottle. Spritz 1-2 sprays into the toilet bowl. Proceed to doodie as usual.

Net Wt. 2.3oz

Pro Tip: Carry one in your purse for emergencies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Love the name, love the scent and love the doodie sprays!

Tee hee...

I love this stuff, it really works! It smells great and my kids and I love the name!

uh oh :/

i LOVE this scent.. but i put this in my bathroom at work and i tried it and it didnt work as well as other sprays.. like my stop.pooping literally fills the entire room with a strong scent.. maybe tis just that one, but this one wasnt as strong as others.. maybe it was just mine idk

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