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WHO ARE YOU? Dry Oil Spray

WHO ARE YOU? Dry Oil Spray

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You might hardly know, sir, just at present — at least you know who you were when you got up this morning, but after using this dry oil spray, your skin must have changed since then with a mysterious scent mixture of crisp, ripe pear twisted with tart limes, vanilla orchid, and a dash of raw cane sugar.

Net wt. 1oz

TO USE: Lightly spritz and allow to dry.

Ingredients: Cyclomethicone, Perfumers Alcohol, Fragrance

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Soft texture

I love how this scent translates into the dry oil, it is nice and strong and stays strong. I also love the texture of the spray. It kind of just melts right into the skin, immediately leaving my skin soft and hydrated. It's a lot more velvety than the shower oils.


this smells great - a little sweet and fruity. The dry oil is a nice product, I like to spray on body and also use a little on the ends of my hair.

Very Good

The Dry Oil spray works fantastically. After receiving the room spray I decided I loved this scent, but in the dry oil spray (or mixed with my skin) it doesn't smell quite as sweet. Bummer. Also I think the dry oil spray is used up much quicker than the shower oil but I put that down to consistency and the sprayer nozzle.

Molly H

I’ve been obsessed with the dry oil spray since it debuted in the Grease collection. Thank you for making this product in one of my favorite fragrances!!!


This is perfect for putting a little bit on my split ends, especially after the below freezing temperatures we have been having. Definitely a hair and skin saver.

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