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Summer Launch Party tomorrow night @ 6:30pm CST!!

Who's ready to get a peek at the entire Candy Aisle lineup?! Mark your calendar! Set your alarms! Stick a post-it note on your mirror! 
Join us tomorrow night for our LIVE STREAMING Summer Launch Party! LOCALS, this time around, we are opening the retail store during our live launch!! Come on down and party with us… we'll have candy. For reals. Like a whole buffet. Let us know if you plan on coming

WHEN: Tomorrow 6:30pm CST
WHERE: We start out on our Facebook Page
Who: All the 
kewl kids

For all you Launch Party newbies, here's what to expect tomorrow night

  • You guys will be able to watch us live and in person, where we'll show you what all the new products look like in person.
  • Hope you are up to date on all your FCS facts!! We'll be asking trivia questions and giving away FREE PRODUCT! psssstt If you're not following us on Instagram, you should be. ;) 
  • At the end of the party, we'll open the website back up and give you guys a discount code to nom nom nom with! Soap ninja skills might be needed, some products will be limited and may sell out fast! 
Please note, website will be down most of the day while we update it with all the new Summer products. :)
Hope to see ya there! 

Winter Soap Box Giveaway!

Enter for a chance to win a Grinch Themed Winter Soap Box!

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"No Tricks, Just Treats" Halloween Soap Box

A limited number of The Halloween Soap Box will be going back on sale this Saturday Sept 29th at Noon CST. Boxes ship Oct. 5th.

The boxes sold out so fast the first time around, I know a lot of you didn't get a chance to really see what's in it! Watch for a chance to win one sometime this week. :)

Price includes shipping

1. "Grave Digger" Fortune Cookie Soap smells like freshly dug earth             

2. "Scary Spice" OCD  a mouthwatering blend of Pumpkin, Apple and Caramel                      

3. "Zombie Treats" Bath Fizzy THAT GLOWS IN THE FREAKIN' DARK!!!!!! and smells like a legit Jolly Rancher candy.                   

4. "Ghost Gum" Hydrate Me in the shape of a skull and smells like a 50/50 Orange Cream bar.                     

5. "Vampire Blood" Body Wash in Black Cherry fragrance.                        

6. "Witches Wart Be-Gone" Clearly Complexion Clay Mask                            

7. "Gremlins, Goblins & Ghouls OH MY! Whipped Cream smells like grape candy.                    

8. "Smashed Pumpkin" Wax Tart  a guest product sample from Scentsory Overload that smells like Pumpkin/Rum.               

9. "Headless Horseman" Bath Melt in a freakish tropical pumpkin blend                 

10. $10 Discount Code towards a future purchase. 

Boxes for sale in the US $19.99

Boxes for sale in Canada $28.00

Boxes for sale Overseas $34.00

Win a year's subscription to "The Soap Box"

Win a year's subscription to our Soap Box!! 

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FCS Small Business Spotlight: Flavor Addictions + GIVEAWAY

Welcome to our first ever Small Business Spotlight featuring Flavor Addictions, a new company based in Claremore Oklahoma, that specialize in homemade beer bread, custom wrapped chocolate bars, vanilla extract, just to name a few...

As you can see, we had a lot fun with this one!! I went to bed shortly after we filmed and Justin stayed up to edit the video...I was a little surprised at how he edited the video...but I think it's hilarious!!

You might not be able to tell from the video, but each chocolate bar is truly a work of art! Perfect for Father's Day!! 


I haven't had a chance to use the vanilla extract yet, but I'm excited to cook with it, (or, should I say, Justin is excited! LOL) I can tell just from the heavenly smell and taste, it's very high quality, better than anything we've had before. :)

Flavor Addictions also makes custom candy bar arrangements for any occasion. Check out their Facebook page for more pictures pricing details. 

Haylie was kind enough to offer 10 custom wrapped candy bars as a giveaway prize! Enter to win below.

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Let's flashmob their Facebook page!!! As I'm typing this post, they are at 81 fans...let's see how high we can get it!!! Visit her page and let her know that FCS set you! :D

Get 20% off your order at Flavor Addictions between the dates of 6/5 - 6/11

If you are interested in FCS shining the "spotlight" on your small business, please email

Win a coveted Bubble Blunder!!

Now's your chance to win one of our coveted Bubble Blunders and be the envy of every Fortunefreak...these can't even be purchased anymore!!

For those of you that have been living under a rock, here's a little more info on the Bubble Blunder...

Do you like FCS products and don't care about what they look like?  Well, you are in luck my friend.   Every so often we make an "OOPS!" Batch. We don't like to point fingers or say names but it's always the Noobie.  Don't feel bad for us... we take it out of their paycheck, and give them a good old fashioned Marine Corps hazing. (it takes Justin back to his glory days!)

So what do we do with all these perfectly usable, but ugly products?.....  hmmm I'll tell you what we do! We sell it super, duper, crazy cheap!  We guarantee that you will get at least 1.5 lbs of product. It's going to look ugly, the fragrance probably won't match the color. Nothing will have labels, you will have to do your homework to find out just what you got in your bag. It may have a fortune in it from someone's else's custom order, graduation or college frat party.. saying something like "I got smashed during Rush 2010!"

It may contain 4 fortune cookies, some bath salts, and 2 melts, but I really doubt it, there's no guarantee on any specific products. You'll get a mix of messups and leftovers with the guaranteed weight of a hefty 1.5 lbs!

They'll arrive in a zip-top bag that is guaranteed to have been used less than 4 times for lunches and such....we may or may not be kidding about that.

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The lucky winner will get this mixed bag of awesomeness shipped free to their door!

GIVEAWAY!! Win a One Night Stand with FCS!

What's better than a one night stand? A One Night Stand with FCS!! 

Now's your chance to win a sampling (just enough for a one night stand) of our new Valentine's Day products before they're gone

There are multiple ways to enter, no purchase necessary. :)


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Winner will be sent products free of charge. 
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