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GIVEAWAY!! Last chance to win a FCS $50 Gift Card for Xmas!!

 Merry Christmas Fortunefreaks!!

 Winner will be emailed $50 code on Dec. 23

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$50 FCS Gift Certificate up for grabs!!

Blah Blah Blah....what are you wasting time reading this for? 

Just enter!! 

Once the contest is over the code will be emailed to the lucky winner!


 What can I say? It feels good to give....!!

happy birthday to me (BIG giveaway!)

Today is my birthday!

I'm 29...

plus 8. (cough)

I woke up this morning to homemade cards and kisses!

My 5 year old daughter Chloe brought me this in bed this morning. Junk food, Coke Zero and beer. (she knows me so well!) 

Ok, I don't usually start out my day like this... well - never, but I thought it was so sweet of her! 

From Maddie.. (not sure what the "thank you" is for lol)

Let's celebrate with a giveaway!!

We are giving away 5 FCS Gift cards each worth $100!!!!

Giveaway!! Twisted Peppermint set

Who doesn't want to smell like a sweet candy cane from head to toe?? 

That's right, win this awesome prize and BOOM! sweet, minty goodness will be your new signature scent!

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Who's the biggest Fortunefreak???!!!

So, after I chose a winner for the Bubble Blunder this morning, I got to thinking....I had a few more Bubble Blunders, maybe we should do another contest!!!

I saw how excited everyone was about wanting to win some of our crazy mess-ups, and let me tell you, with all the new products there's def been some OH SH*#! batches ;)

So here's my idea...

If you are a blogger, have a youtube channel, from Mars, or breath air, here's what I want you to do.

1. For the youtubers and bloggers, post a link to your blog or youtube channel on our Facebook page 

2. For everyone else, post a comment on our Facebook page (or tag us) saying why you want to win the Bubble Blunder.

3. Mercilessly spam your friends, subbies, family, or anyone else you can think of to give your link a "thumbs up" 

I have 2 Bubble Blunders to give away.

It's very simple, the two top links or comments that get the most "thumbs up" win! 

Contest ends Oct. 13th at midnight.  

Open Internationally :) 

Win A Bubble Blunder!!

Now's your chance to win one of our coveted Bubble Blunders and be the envy of every Fortunefreak...these can't even be purchased anymore!!

For those of you that have been living under a rock, here's a little more info on the Bubble Blunder...

Do you like FCS products and don't care about what they look like?  Well, you are in luck my friend.   Every so often we make an "OOPS!" Batch. We don't like to point fingers or say names but it's always the Noobie.  Don't feel bad for us... we take it out of their paycheck, and give them a good old fashioned Marine Corps hazing. (it takes Justin back to his glory days!)

So what do we do with all these perfectly usable, but ugly products?.....  hmmm I'll tell you what we do! We sell it super, duper, crazy cheap!  We guarantee that you will get at least 1.5 lbs of product. It's going to look ugly, the fragrance probably won't match the color. Nothing will have labels, you will have to do your homework to find out just what you got in your bag. It may have a fortune in it from someone's else's custom order, graduation or college frat party.. saying something like "I got smashed during Rush 2010!"

It may contain 4 fortune cookies, some bath salts, and 2 melts, but I really doubt it, there's no guarantee on any specific products. You'll get a mix of messups and leftovers with the guaranteed weight of a hefty 1.5 lbs!

They'll arrive in a zip-top bag that is guaranteed to have been used less than 4 times for lunches and such....we may or may not be kidding about that.



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