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Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet with these wax tarts. These are sweetly scented with essences of ocean mist and pineapple, infused with lychee, sugar cane, and vanilla orchid. 

To Use: Add either the whole shape or a chunk of one and a chunk of another, to a tart warmer, to create your own badass blend. Let the creativity begin! 

  • Remember to extinguish the burner when leaving the room.
  • Do not leave unattended or within reach of children or pets.
  • Do not add water 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

The smell is good, but doesn't smell like pineapple. All of the stems were broke off the pinapples, which is disappointing. Looked like someone shook up entire container and mashed everything together. Super disappointed!

So sorry that your wax tarts had such a rough ride on the way to you! If you want to shoot us an email at with a photo of the damage we would love to make it right!

Kristin W.
Be A Pineapple...Kinda?

Normally I'm a fan of FCS wax tarts but these are a little bit of a disappointment. While the shape is SUPER cute, they don't...really smell much like pineapple. The scent is more of a sweet floral scent, which I'm guessing is thanks to the sugar and orchid scent notes. While this is far from unpleasant, it isn't really what I'd wanted or hoped for, nor is it a particularly strong scent. I'll use what I have but otherwise I doubt I'll purchase these particular wax tarts again.

Samantha Taulker

Not only are the shapes cute, they will fill your room with the scent of pineapple. I love this scent.

Crushed Pineapple Dreams :'(

I ordered these during summer last year (late review). I received these very quickly.. within 2-3 days. The box was secure and my items were packed tightly inside. However, upon opening the jar of tarts, I noticed that all were tumbled around so much that it looked like they had been dropped on the floor & scooped back up (no fault of FCS). They were all partially melted & the scent was barely a resemblance of pineapple. It was more just the lychee & vanilla orchid but even still barely. These arrived in such bad condition that they werent even giftable.. and thank goodness I hadnt ordered as a gift and sent them elsewhere cuz I woulda been so embarrassed. Im glad so many others had a wonderful experience with this item. Mine was anything but wonderful. Cant win em all I suppose. Stinks cuz I used reward points to treat myself and was left super bummed. Tossed these in the trash cuz the smell wasnt even pleasant enough to redeem the mess of smeared wax cubes. I love the concept. Dont order during any kind of warm weather & beware if sending as a gift. I wish this came in the wax bar format *sigh* I had really high hopes and wanted to love these. My pineapple dreams were crushed :'(


Smells great and soooooo cute!

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