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BEND OVER & I'LL SHOW YOU Scent Diffuser

BEND OVER & I'LL SHOW YOU Scent Diffuser

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Where do you think you're going to put a tree that big? ...I've got an idea...

Tart cranberry, crisp pine and herbal spruce warmed by clove and a splash of sweet mandarin orange.


Enjoy this fresh fragrance in your home, car, closet or office for a little personal touch to your surroundings. Perfect for school or work lockers!

Step 1: Unscrew the wood lid
Step 2: Remove the plastic plug and discard
Step 3: Screw wood lid back on
Step 4: Turn the bottle over and allow the fragrance to soak into the wood lid. 
Step 5: Enjoy anywhere in your home, car, closet, or office

Anytime you want the smell to be stronger, turn it over and shake it.

I have mine hanging from my rear-view mirror in my car. Even with four kids it still makes my whole car smell amazing!

Glass bottle holds 7mls/.25oz of uncut scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fresh scent for the camper!

I got one of these in my 2019 Advent calendar and it did such a great job freshening up my car, I decided to order one for the camper. Wasn’t sure it would be strong enough, but it throws just enough scent to be noticeable without overwhelming the senses. I give it a shake once a week when I check it out and it’s keeping things from smelling musty when not in use. Love these little guys!!

Love scent diffusers!

I absolutely love FCS scent diffusers - I use mine in my car and it lasts such a long time! This particular scent was a little bit different than what I was expecting, but it's still quite nice.

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