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BLOOD MOON Perfume Oil

BLOOD MOON Perfume Oil

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Night blooming flowers with a splash of blood orange, mysterious woods of spruce and cedar lit by the harvest moon.

1.5 dram rollerball

A percentage of proceeds from items purchased in the DRAC MAKENS Collaboration Collection will benefit the Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue - a non-profit organization in San Antonio, TX that takes in stray special needs cats and kittens that would otherwise be euthanized or abandoned, giving those precious cats a chance to be adopted and loved! This charity has been specifically chosen by Drac herself and we’re excited to partner with Fortune Freaks like you to help out this organization in any way we can.

Vegan handcrafted pure perfume oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Tiffany W
Nice spicy scent

It smells just like fall


The perfume is nice, though I really didnt get any of the undertones in mine. It just smells like a really soapy citrus. Not a bad thing at all.

Things My Brothers Said I Was Not Allowed To Say About My New Favorite Perfume

Things My Brothers Said I Was Not Allowed To Say About My New Favorite Perfume

-"It smells like sexy orange popsicles"
-"It's some hot orange-cedar lovechild wonderment"
-"OK so like if Gomez Addams was eating an orange popsicle and then he smooched you? This smells how that would taste."
-"Guys, come on, that was seriously chaste AND I didn't say the sexy word again."

There you go folks. Buy this perfume because it smells amazing and like things that make my brothers uncomfortable.

Smells unique

I was afraid I wouldn’t like this one when I saw the word ‘flowers’ in the description because I usually avoid florals. I really wanted something from the DM collection though so I went for it. Glad I did. It smells really unique. It’s not especially fruity, floral, or earthy even though all these elements are included. They combine into a soft but lasting soothing fragrance I can’t describe. I just know I keep sniffing my wrists and it’s a very calming scent to me.

Great but turned

This smelled so good at first but ended up turning bad. I had to pitch it. I'd say buy it and then enjoy it! Don't hoard this one! :)

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