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CABIN FEVER Scent Diffuser

CABIN FEVER Scent Diffuser

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Antique white washed woods, citrus leaves, tonka, and oud. Home sweet home.

Enjoy this fresh fragrance in your home, car, closet or office for a little personal touch to your surroundings. Perfect for school or work lockers!

Step 1: Unscrew the wood lid
Step 2: Remove the plastic plug and discard
Step 3: Screw wood lid back on
Step 4: Turn the bottle over and allow the fragrance to soak into the wood lid. 
Step 5: Enjoy anywhere in your home, car, closet, or office

Anytime you want the smell to be stronger, turn it over and shake it.

I have mine hanging from my rear-view mirror in my car. Even with four kids it still makes my whole car smell amazing!

Glass bottle holds 7mls/.25oz of uncut scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Perfect for Closets

This scent is deep, woody, and sophisticated, but warmed up and softened by the tonka. The blend is so, so nice, and perfect for storing with coats. It's vaguely reminiscent of late Fall, but could really work for any season. It's awesome to open your closet door and smell this!

Danielle Jones
I like it

I like this scent. I feel like you have to like woodsy pine scents to like it tho.

Robyn W.
Great for fall

This is a nice fall scent and the diffusers work great in my car.

Not my favorite.

I gave this one away. The profile sounded perfect for my taste but it was much more masculine and I didn't get any tonka. Maybe too much citrus? My diffusers also seem to stop working halfway through the bottle in general. I will have half a bottle of oil left but it just doesn't smell anymore, no matter how often I flip it.

Pam Rebillot
Scent Diffusers - Excellent!

The diffusers quickly became my favorite product. Cute little bottles of wonderful, long-lasting scented oil that don't overpower a room with fragrance. The fall scents were amazing & I really hope they're available again this year.

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