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Procuring brains is kind of a massive undertaking so we did you a favor and provided one for you with scents of roots, spices, and of course, mysterious elements. 

inspired by iZombie

Always, always, always, make sure that the first burn of your new candle is a memory burn. A memory burn is vital to establish a clean wax-free candle container when you are done. 

For this size candle, your memory burn time is 1 1/2 hours. During this time your candle will reach a full wet pool. The full wet pool is exactly what you need to have the best quality burn and scent throw possible. If you do not burn your candle using the memory burn method, then every time you relight your candle you will get what you call a core burn. A core burn is a wet pool that essentially only burns around the wick. This burn will never give your candle the full scenting ability that gel wax has to offer. Plus, when the wick is completely gone, you will still have wax around the container edges, and on the bottom.

Another key factor to consider when burning a Gel Wax candle is, do not move it while it is lit or cooling after being lit. The liquid gel is very hot and will cause severe burns.

When you are in between burns of your Gel Wax candle, it is advisable that you lid your container. Due to the nature of the Gel Wax, the top layer will be sticky. By covering the candle, you will prevent any dust, bugs, or debris that will stick to the top of your candle.

Before reigniting your candle always trim your wick. Keep the wick short, around 1/4", and keep yourself safe.

Never leave a burning Gel Wax candle unattended. Keep all candles away from children and pets.

Burn time varies, but these gel candles should get you 80 - 100 hours typically.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I love how cute this candle is!

Patricia TerMeer

I like the scent a lot- root beer barrel candies with extra sugar, a little spice and something with a little mint or anise. There were quite a few bubbles and the wick was a little off-center but it burns just fine and it looks great and has a really extensive burn-time. Would love to see more candles like this in the future.

subtle and delicious

this candle smells like root beer, ginger ale, cherry soda, and a tiny bit of licorice all rolled together. i'm in love with the scent and immediately ordered another after the collection dropped. but this is also definitely a 1-room candle; you won't be able to smell it if you light it in the kitchen and wander over to the living room to watch TV. it's a subtle scent that works well if you're right next to it but won't bother the other people in your house too much.

Root Beer

This isn't my favorite candle. It smells like root beer and you can't see a brain in it because of all the bubbles. I'll set it out with my Halloween decorations but I don't think I'll burn it.

Very cool

I thought this was great to get in the Halloween box. Different, unique and well, creepy. Perfect for Halloween!

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