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Chillin' Vanillin Sugar Scrub

Chillin' Vanillin Sugar Scrub

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This holiday season is all about the smells
and boy, we got one for you.  This
sugar scrub smells just like vanilla with a touch of candy cane and it is
actually a turbinado sugar scrub that has a sweet scent, a sweet base and is
overall, something that will exfoliate your skin in no time at all and with no
problems at all.  You want smooth,
grime free skin?  Chillin'
Vanillin' is the way to do it!

paraben free ۢ cruelty free

Directions: At the end of your shower, rub a generous amount all over, rinse completely and towel dry. 

Please do not use on face, or apply to open cuts or sunburn.

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