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Layering perfection! Warm steamy air, fresh with lavender and sea salt spray, mingle with the woody earthiness of sage and dark vanilla.

Step 1: Get clean and beautifully smelling skin with the body wash (4oz)

Step 2: Use the sugar scrub to gently exfoliate. Rinse. (2oz)

Step 3: Apply whipped cream to damp skin to lock in moisture (2oz)

Step 4: Spritz a light layer of Mist Me? (4oz) and you're ready to go!

Gift set comes in a convenient travel case. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hope R. Inosa
Lavender and Milk Unite!!

Everything that I hauled!

Body Butter- 4/5 Light lavender color with a floral and milk scent that really goes well... I love that their body butter feels not to greasy and once applied on skin's gone! just Like that!

Mist Me- 3.5/5 It was so shy to me that I had to spritz it allot of times to smell the actual scent on my body :)

OCD- 4/5 you could definitely se a little bits of sage on the bottle with the color of translucent lavender

Face Palm- 4/5 Could be used as a bath bomb....I did !! I'm okay very herby and floral at the same time...I am a daredevil!!!! Gives a whitish color and bits of sage on the tub...(I suggest you take it out after :)!

Fortune Cookie Soap- 4/5 Not that much glitter...doesn't shimmer much on your body; which is what I prefer....Also, I liked to point out it looks pretty; I use this on my face and body

Love this smell

Christmas Gram is such a wonderful scent! I find it very therapeutic and relaxing. My favorite scent of all time is Prince Valium and this has a similar scent. The products like other FCS products work amazing. I bought a big Christmas Gram order of all kinds of things because in this isn't just a Christmas seasonal scent this is easily an all year round scent. This is a great set!!! And the price can't be beat!!

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