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Christmas Morning Bath Gift Set

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We Love Christmas Morning Too! We are very passionate about our soaps and are willing to ship them all over the world – kind of like Santa! So we decided to come up with something to honor the joyous holiday of Christmas. Once you order this little takeout box from heaven you will open it up and instantly, the season will be running through your veins – and honestly, if you are like us you need that sometimes. This set contains two (2) Jack Frosty, two (2) Country Christmas and two (2) Christmas Wreath! Like toward the end of November, when you have heard every-single-Christmas song on the radio and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet? Yeah, right about then is when we created this Chinese container filled with Christmas cheer. Order one, get yourself a glass of egg nog, hop in the tub and soon all those Christmas songs will seem not – quite as annoying as before (hopefully);

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